Robotic Bike Parking – The new Way of Parking

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In an active area such as New York it’s rare to find the best place for bike parking. It is normally the reason for area transportation shortcomings. The new robotic bike parking system is the nice option with this problem.  The process provides a service for parking at the underground. Robotic vehicle parking can be found in most of the areas and recently many companies working for the new bike parking system. Along with a secure parking, it would make sure the space for the real estate businessman for making more use of the section. It is actually ever since most beneficial robotic process in a commercial sense.

Meckenbeuren, Germany

E-Bike Mobility can be described as German which usually creates robotic bike storage devices around Europe—along these solar-powered is one, which may retain 112 bikes outside the city’s rail station.

Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic the robotic system tower keeps 117 bikes at a time. The following expense is about 25 cents for parking a bike in this area, which has a modernized robotic stacker.

Jiyugaoka, Tokyo

The actual property rates on Tokyo sparked Japanese entrepreneurs to work out for a solution towards parking in the past. Eco-Cycle can be an opt-in program just where subscribers pay some sort of monetary fee to use a robotic safekeeping technology.


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