Robotic Trash able to Catche anything You Throw Away


Robotic Trash

Robotic Trash

Has a hard time tossing trash perfectly into the waste bin? Possibly you may want to get your hands on this trash-keeping robot created by a Japanese developer. The robot is a common trash can filled with video gaming technology such as Kinect. That along with some home made application to allow the intelligent trash can to scurry all over on wheels and take pieces of trash wherever they fall.

However it looks all simple and traditional, this trash can actually have an important secret – it is a robot that will keep trash in spite of how bad your goal is! That is right, sporting a few of two wheels, some awesome robotics elements and the sight of a Kinect sensor, this trash can ‘bot will adhere to your airborne rubbish and range itself as much as make the catch.

Now, I cannot really go into the details on how everything works to accomplish this. A Kinect sensor is in the room to monitor things shifting through the air. It looks the sensor then shows the trash ‘bot where that item is, assisting it determine where to place itself for the catch. It is all very specialized, but its video clip gives us a malfunction of the development and reveals the robot in action.

You can also see the video below.


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