New era Drones & Robots for farming more food


As the life of average people is enhancing day by day, the cost of manual labor is also increasing. However, farming is remained same old exclusive requires manual intervention. Not all types of farming require same human attention. Farming crops have long been in an automated process. However, growing fruits and vegetables are most intensive agricultural side of all. Observing the necessity of creating something that can help automate the farming process Professor Sukkarieh of the University of Sydney has created, along with other researcher, two special robots namely Shrimp and Mantis. One of them works in the field and another one fly in the sky.

Initially these two are now being tested in the farming field of Australia. Utilizing their special take-care, the farmers have succeeded to produce 14 percent more profit from their firms. The development team has putted tons of sensors and other devices to work efficiently. They are packed with proximity, vision, conductivity and other sensors. For swift locomotion, they are devised with recent technology gears and motors. A thermal sensor along with a GPS device effectively directs them what is the duty.

The team is eyeing further development to these robots. Although we are talking about automation, these robots still need significant attention. Therefore, the team members are trying to go for more automation properties. Their needs to be more intelligent as working in the field needs attention for other things like bugs, pests and a capability if the product is ready for pickup or not.

So, as the process has started to roll. Within a couple of years we can expect more intelligent and more capable robots running in fields and playing the key role in producing more food.