Romo converts Your Smartphone into a brain of the Robot



C3PO and R2D2 had a big effect on my lifestyle. From the time first being presented to the Star Wars universe I have desired a droid of me. One that would get the trash, do the laundry, open innovative gates and so on. While that may still be a remote dream, Romo is the first thing in the right route. All he requires to have the ability to spring to life is the Smartphone you bring around all day.

Romo is generally a robotic dock station for your smart phone. Based on which app you run while he is connected, he will execute different activities. The great part is that it does not connect with through an Apple docking station connector or any exclusive connection. Instead, Romo uses the conventional headphone port, making it appropriate with any Android or iOS Smartphone.

The robotic device may still be younger, but thanks to the open system and the point that anyone can create an app, it is studying very easily. The primary Romo application will let you control your robot-buddy with a secondary system, switching it into a Spybot that sources video directly to you. It can also convert Romo into a robot with a thoughts all its own, going about its company by discovering your office.

If you want to convert your Smart phone or iPod into a delightful robot. You can select one up for $149. There are quite a few color choices available, so select wisely

You can also see the video below.


Source: Romo