Rosphere for Agricultural Precision

Rosphere 1

Rosphere is a sphere-shaped robot. Its main purpose is to save crops and take care of them. It is designed and developed by the Robotics and the Research Group Cybernetics. It can move by itself to run over an uneven surface and by rolling it monitors and tends crops. Without damaging crops it move on the crops and can take a decision for applying pesticides and fertilizer to the crops.

There are many spherical robot are designed for various purpose like armed operations, protection and experiments in space innovation. But Rosphere is a simple structural robot and can be made with low cost. Its round shape helps the robot to move over rough space.

The designers compare it with a hamster ball. This shape is true except only for the ridges of rubber on the external plane and the mechanical machinery in the interior. For undulating and steering itself it has used eccentric pendulum which can rotates on a hinge.

The pendulum makes with the ball.The ball is connected by an arm from the hinge. This ballast also makes incorporate the robots while the axle has Wi-Fi antennas and electronics package. The pendulum has a couple of degrees of freedom between two axes. It can go forward and toward the back by scheming the rock of pendulum, and it can steer by itself by the same process.


Source: Rosphere