SAM robot inspects buildings for cracks and other damages

robotsinsider-sam-1Building inspection has gotten better and faster. No, not with the aid of human inspectors with spider-like climbing skills, but with the help of a robot that can traverse through cables positioned in the side of buildings. The robot is called SAM, and the owners are Canadian-based company FTD Highrise Inspection Inc. SAM, according to the company, can inspect a building with an exterior surface area of 21,000 square feet in just two days, whereas human counterparts usually finish the job in a matter of weeks.

The obvious advantage here is, of course, speed. And speed also means lesser inspection costs. SAM relies on a roof-mounted custom rigging system. The wires are basically used to send the robot down the side of a building. During inspection, the robot can take images, data-tag them, and send them to a tablet-like console. SAM also records everything on a digital 3D map, allowing the operator to spot cracks, faulty window moldings, and other building damages in a breeze.


Source: Gizmag