Samsung Released New Smart Bike for You!

Samsung Smart Bike 1

Do you have any idea about Samsung Smart Bike? The bike is built to go anywhere safely. Samsung has decided to join with the German cycle body designer to own reasonable cycle.  They are mainly focused on highly developed cycle made with advanced technology. The company also reported the bike will be the great option for a bicycle lover in the rough street.

It has an aluminum body and the bent tubes are created to take up many differences when running on the rough roads. The camera is placed between the seats on the frame, which can load live video in a Samsung Smartphone. In the frame you will find 4 lasers that keep the lane onto the street in either part of the cycle.

Moreover, the application of the Smartphone makes use of GPS to be able to make a reminder for marking roads in which bike owner will often travel. After that it provides the information of the roads. The body also carries a battery for its power, an Arduino unit, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The Smart Bike is available in the market from April and launched in the Milan Design Week.


Source: Technologicvehicles