Sand Flea to Jump at 30ft Height!

SandFlea 1

Boston Dynamics recently has promoted a robot efficient at jumping around 30ft from the ground; together with plenty of reliability to go through the windows. The bot is known as Sand Flea. The military robot is developed for using in Afghanistan. It can investigate through a building and step back very quickly.

The robot is replacing the airborne system, but it is very costly, less trusted, and performance is not much better below 9 meters. It is built with one particular key purpose: helping the team to be able to check out walls repetitively. A warrior will drive the bot to allow jumping over a wall, check around it and step back as soon as possible. The wheels are mainly worked as absorbers for tough landings. It also becomes stable in midair to touch the ground.

Sand Flea applies gyro stabilization to keep a level through airline during a flight, to deliver a particular look from a camera, and also to assure a perfect landing.  It is also able to deliver useful video from midair that is very effective to take right decision when needed. REF is providing the funding to Boston Dynamics for making the bot.

Source: Businessinsider