Sandia Hand Robot for Bomb Disposal


Different types of bots have been using for disposal of explosive items for more than 45 years. Unfortunately, it can destroy the evidence of a bomb maker and causes problem to catch him. However, to remove this problem, Sandia National Laboratories of Mexico have introduced a brand new hand robot, which is more powerful and relatively available at low cost. It is called Sandia Hand and it can not only disarm a bomb but also detonates it.

The hand robot is funded by DARPA and it combines with a high degree of dexterity as well as a tag of low price. Sandia ensures that simply by generating the Sandia Hands modular. The robot hand has a palm and an attachment point for the finger around it.

The particular fingers are fixed magnetically to the palm. In addition, fingers and palms are usually coated with plastic or gel type material so that it can easily grip any slippery object as like as a human being. The robot grips the object in such a way that it will not fall from the hand, and bend over the object in reverse direction. The finger will also be a number of resources. The particular design of modular hand makes it easier to repair.

Source: Technologyreview