Santa Barbara’s new Robot for Detecting Unseen Objects

Santa Barbara 1

The Santa Barbara’s (A robotics club at California University) robot is able to look through the compact walls by using Wi-Fi signals. The robot has some important applications such as search and rescue, detection, surveillance and archeology. It has also the ability to identify the shape and position of invisible objects in a scanned structure. The robot can also categorize the composition of objects as flesh, metal, or timber.

The robot can work in pair and traverse object perimeter or structure and the Wi-Fi radio signals are alternately transmitted and received between one another through the scanning object. The robot also uses a model of wave-propagation for exploiting the transmitted and received signal for showing the hidden object’s presence. It can produce an actual map of the detailing structure for locating solid objects and spaces by measuring the received signals.

Each robot can easily estimate their own position and the other robot’s position, area and different objects. It is capable to do it for its speed and travel distance ranges. For positioning, it uses a wheel encoder and a gyroscope. The researcher’s team now planning to include laser guidance to increase the spatial accuracy and for improving the captured image map resolution.

Source: Noozhawk