SAPBER Robot for Pipe Bomb Disposal


Police always use a remote control robot for disposal of pipe bombs, but the evidence has to be damaged for catching the bomb maker. Now it has become easier because the Security of Homeland has introduced a new bomb called SAPBER. According to name semi-autonomous pipe bomb end-cap remover, it is an effective device for disposal of a pipe bomb.
The actual weight of this robot is 140 pound wheeled program that have taken into area by an individual bomb removal specialist, as well as towed guiding a robot of bomb removal. It has a couple of 12-volt power packs, that include the capacity to on-board instruments which includes cutting tires, the articulated wrist, a chain-driven items, a stainless steel generator, radios, a telescoping mast, and also several video cameras.
The actual bomb removal robot is used to get the pipe bomb into its transfer tray. The safely-distanced individual driver at a control panel and then utilize SAPBER’s instruments to take the bomb apart, carefully guided because of the live feed via it’s cameras.
This procedure is composed mainly regarding eliminating the bomb, and then letting the actual detonator, explosives, and shrapnel on the inside to help fall under an assortment trough – the whole course of action is actually documented on video.

Source: Popsci

To watch video, you can see below.