SASUKE and LOVE to Serve Medical Activities


The robohelper robot is designed to help the nursing activities. There are two robots called ROBOHELPER SASUKE and ROBOHELPER LOVE. Both of them are introduced by Muscle Actuator Motor Company and have taken help from Toshiyuki Kita to design them.

ROBOHELPER SASUKE has made with two rods, which is connected with sling. The weight of the sling is 120 kg. The robot can easily lift the patient from prone to sitting condition by rotating its hand up to 600. The main function of this robot is to lift any human body. So it can reduce the possibility to become injury to nurses.

The main important function of another Robohelper bot called ROBOHELPER LOVE is to remove body waste. It can remove body waste easily due to a cup wraps. Cup wraps is located around the body waist and a sensor is connected with it to identify the fluid. A tank is used to suck the fluid waste and then cleaning it with water. The main benefit of this robot is that it can clean and sterilize automatically. It can continue for this same process upto12 hours so that it can serve for overnight. So it has become more popular with caregivers.

Source: Damngeeky

To watch video you can see below