SaviOne Robot for Hospitality Industry

savione 1

Savioke, a helper robot company has introduced a robot called SaviOne. The main purpose of this robot construction is to serve the hotel guests and it can be a more effective robot than before. It can deliver various items automatically to the guests of hotel rooms and it is effective, for the hospitality industry for improving the peoples’ lives.

The Savioke spokesperson said that they made some quickly working prototype and the features are redesigned according to the feedback from users. The basic characteristic of the design of the robot is the loading and unloading as like as effective labor. It provides an emphatic experience and it can quickly interact and easy for staff, fun for guests and intuitive. For the design and testing the Ventures design team of Google had also some contribution.

At first, the SaviOne robot goes to a hotel, and then it moves around and the building maps. Only a single duty is needed to be done by the hotel staff that is only needed to be programmed the particular number of rooms and the robot knows itself how to find there. The robot uses some sensors such as navigation and moving sensor, depth camera, and rangefinders of laser and sonar. It can communicate with others via Wi-Fi.

Source: Savioke


The below video showing the performance of this robot.