SCHAFT humanoid robot has the strength of an average human being

robotsinsider-SCHAFTContrary to the belief that humanoid robots are endowed with brute strength and limitless supply of energy, the reality is that the current technology that we have is still a far cry from such fantasies. In fact, according to a study, the strongest humanoid robot up to date is only capable of generating one tenth the strength of an average person. Honda’s ASIMO, for example, can only lift a few kilograms. But a new startup robot company called SCHAFT Inc. is trying to change all that.

The company, a spin-off from the University of Tokyo’s JSK Laboratory, has unveiled the SCHAFT humanoid robot, a robot reportedly able to generate the same power of a human being. The secret lies in the robot’s motor technology that uses capacitors for power, which supplies more current, allowing the motor to deliver high speed and high torque to the arm. The SCHAFT humanoid robot is still a prototype, but the company is planning to bring the robot to DARPA’s Robotics Challenge later this year.

Source: IEEE Spectrum