Copter with Flying Control

Copter 1

Self assembling copter is a very small sized robot. Usually, it takes to the air like a multi rotor helicopter. The investigators of this bot found that not a single bot, but a multi unit robot and can take decisions about their activity in the air. This process is called as distributed flight system.

The process of starting starts with a group of bots on the ground. It contains 3 wheels and these permits it to move in any path. The particular bots are usually developed to get a typical area. Between two robots one can spin and another can drive. A tab is connected for the physical connection, and light beams take data into the bot. A portion of that can rotate in a clockwise direction. Another portion rotates in counter clockwise. It also can change the velocity from the propeller. Adjusting the speed it determines the process of correcting every step of tilting.

Another sensor can measure the pre-determined height and then they break apart with each come from the ground.  When one is back then they are assemble again with a random shape.

Source: Self Assembling Copter