Shimi to Dance with You!

shimi 1

A tiny robot presenting in a new Smartphone, known as Shimi, acquired the minds along with the hearts of the press of technology. If you observe, you will see a new automatic robot which usually dances and understands the way of dancing with you.

Besides, It also specifics your ear when you will move to a room. It will eventually work for you, dance for you and pay attention to you. And finally the bot will understand you.

The concept of possessing a melodic section which usually suggests music as well as lets you know popular trends, dances and understands your taste — obviously there are some apps which usually consider accomplishing this, but once you would like to embodied man who gestures, it is completely surprising experience, reported Weinberg.

This robot will add a new scale in the field of robotics. Because nowadays Smartphone technology is very popular and available!

Source: evolver