Social Trash Box Robot for Picking up Waste


The new creation is the robotic waste containers which are able to maneuver them for picking up waste. Some Japanese engineers have developed the robotic device and currently called STBs. There is a wheeled box that contains a microprocessor, a speaker, a camera, and some types of sensor is used in the garbage cans.

Each of the robots goes through distinguishing public places where people can be found, through finding their body temperature with their pyroelectric sensor. After securely stepping into that place by the indicator, it applies the camera with a physical object status algorithm, for detecting all the garbage.

Any time it discovers trash, the robot uses the movement of the body along with vocalizations to receive the interest of regional persons, contemplating these people to grab any trash and keep into the container. The actual infrared detectors towards the top of the container helps the STB identify that the trash is required to deposit.

The bot has the ability to tip the container front side or simply backside. This behavior is mainly controlled by 3 servo motors within the top section, whereas only two similar motors in the below force that wheels. The robotic device is now growing its market gradually.


Source: STBs