Socibot, a Cheap Choice of Interactive Robots


Engineered Arts of United Kingdom has created this cheap choice of interactive robots namely SociBot. SociBot is not a full body replica of a human body. In order to save energy and money they have removed its legs and limbs. It is designed with a normal human like facial expressions, along with a variety of faces.

It is designed to work as an application provider in places where the space is limited, decorated with a head-mounted camera, infrared sensor, a touch screen for easy instruction, and a fully communicating audio function. Its outlook is dominated by a face with internal Pico LED projector. This projector allows it to create different articulate the types of facial expressions on different situations.

SociBot comes with two versions. One is with arms and another (SociBot mini) is without it. Both are able to recognize voices. Both have the ability to speak more than 20 languages, identifying the facial expressions, determining age and gender. Besides its communicating use, SociBot can be used for other purposes too like in shopping malls, Schools, and exhibition centers.

Price tag for SociBot is about 23 thousand dollar and 15 thousand for SociBot mini.

More can be found on SociBot at this video.


Source: Socibot