Solbot, a Small Robot for Solar Panel Orientation

Solbot, a Small Robot 1

Solar trackers can definitely increase the energy of solar cells through maintaining them optimally aligned towards the sunlight. Though it may be a common benefit, setting them up on each of the panels at a great installation can cause extra cost and having a chance of failure. A fresh tracking process by QBotix avoids these types of difficulties through getting a wonderful robot. To ensure they are optimally facing the sun, it can adjust the panels at 40 minute intervals.

The QBotix Tracking Method normally takes specific motors along with controllers traditionally put on each solar panel mount. The idea replaces them by two autonomous robots. One of them is for primary and another one for backup. They are called Solbots and these kinds of bot have motors along with controllers required to physically realign the panels. It can move from panel to panel and can be extended when one or more panels are added.

The Solbots are generally dust proof along with water proof capability which enable it to check and operated by 300 Kilowatt solar range. The owner company said that its trackers are generally compatible with all standard solar modules, inverters along with foundation varieties used in ground mounted solar installations.

Source: Robotliving

To see performance of Solbots, you can see below.