Spiri – A Programmable flying Robot

Spiri - The programmable flying robot

A robotic flying device named Spiri has brought the attention of tech-lovers of the world. It came up with so many features like wifi, cloud support, camera, keen sensors, Linux controlled and much more. Spiri was built on four major concepts one, a stage of research and creativity, two, a well balanced physical device, three, an autonomous and emergency device, four, a way to transport.

Spiri is ready to use as per user’s choice. It is optimized for multiple activities like rescuer, photographer, cartographer and courier. Additionally it can also be used as a toy, inspector, partner and many more.

At the core of Spiri, there is a CPU of 1GHz. There is an additional CPU to keep it safe from hazards. Its carbon fiber made border is strong enough to withstand small encounters with unwanted objects. It is programmed to travel through rough air conditions though its autonomous functionality may not serve you the best but semi autonomous mode with some minor human interfering will certainly make it more useable.

Spiri is capable of doing so many things but one thing is to keep in mind is not all amazing modes are factory ready. Some tasks may need additional programming and of course, this process is subject to be a trial and error. Whatever, most of the drone enthusiastic person will love to have a spiri.

Source: Kickstartar