Swarmies Robot for Surveying an Area of Planet

Swarmies Robot

A series of autonomous robot has been developed by NASA engineers to scuttle for resources and materials around distant planet. For the same purpose, a robot by NASA called swarmies has developed that can survey an area and also can give a signal to others when it finds something valuable. Then it can be divided to take up the materials and come back to its base position.

Now four of them are built, each of them has a Wi-Fi system for connecting to each other and a webcam along with a GPS unit. The project-leading engineer Cheryle Mako said that we are going into this phase whereby many of us carry out a trial project to check the functionality.

The engineer of this robot has used a simulator for testing their project and to ensure the functionality of algorithm  according to their thinking. In this manner, they have also simulated a virtual robot with much larger network while not having to produce a massive fleets for gauging their behavior. NASA also designed RASSOR experimental mining robotic to see the effectiveness of the software and translates to distinct robotics vehicles. The NASA engineers are trying to use this robot in pipelines and water.

Source: Dailymail

The video below shows Swarmies in action.