T8 A Bio-inspired Robot Is So Accurate



Last couple of years scientist are interested to work with bio robots. They made it so accurately that it cannot be distinguished easily from the real one by nature. T8 is such kind of bio-bot introduced by the Robugtix, a robotics company based in Hongkong.  They just name it after a Tarantula. It is almost like the spider. With its 8 legs it can move easily and capture the motions of its surroundings.  This T8 robot is with the realistic 3D printed exoskeleton so you can be puzzled in your first look.

The super T8 are developed with 26 Hitec HS -35HD servo motors.  It has three in each leg and an additional servo to wiggle its abdomen. This is really so small servo type having low torque. As it is so recent development it has a few working abilities as the scientist expects. They believe that in future this T8 bio bot will perform a lot of tasks than today.  It is very much positive news for the customer that this little and servo motor ensures lower cost production. So you can have it only if you have  US $ 1,350. That’s really big deal with your working conditions.




robugtrix iitasii



Robugtrix  is also offering a Hexapod robot that is popular as its. It is not so realistic but smaller. This one is working with 20 servos and it is cheaper than the Tarantula because it has no realistic shell. It will cost only $250 to buy the iitasii.



These robots are walking with Bigfoot Inverse Kinematics Engine to control the legs and ensures it body position.  It ensures that the procedure will work as automatic and you almost will make a mistake to tell it as an ant or spider. As this is not needed to be programmed for its operation so it will save you time.  The inverse kinematics is the technology allows shifting the body of robots menacingly while the legs remain still.


To ensure its operation in your hand you need to have a Robugix Controller and a single 4 AA 4.8V NiMH rechargeable battery pack. You have to buy these with extra payment. The controller ensures its operation via wireless technology. The controller uses Xbee module to provide commands to the robots. It is essential for these robots to ensure this operation silently.  That’s really gonna give you an amazing time.

Source: Robugtix