T8 Octopod and Iitsii Hexapod to Make You Fear

T8 Octopod 1

T8 is a one kind of robot octopod robot kit. It is made with uniformly distributed, sensible 3D-printed exoskeleton. This figure can make you fear about it. Hong Kong robotic company Robugtix designed this robot.

The robot is powered by twenty six high quality servo motors. The motors have low torque because these are very small in size. For this reason its working quality is low, but has low cost.

The founder company also prepared a hexapod robot and the name of that robot is iitsii. It is also smaller in size, but it has no realistic figure. It is made with twenty servo motors that are smaller and cheaper than the servo motors of T8. It has also low cost than T8.

Both of the robots have Bigfoot Inverse Kinematics Engine. This engine is provided by the same company. Also, this engine is used to maintain the whole legs, the position of the body, and the gait of walking. For this engine nobody can convert its nature into ants or Spiderman. The more important thing about this engine is that both of the robots can lift and shift those bodies, but not need to lift and shift legs.

Source: T8 Octopod