The COMAN robot manages to stay up on its feet

robotsinsider-comanWhile humans are already on the verge of conquering the uncanny valley,  roboticists are still trying to perfect machines that can withstand the laws of physics. But the COMAN robot, short for Compliant Humanoid Platform, is up for a good start. Developed by the Italian Institute of Technology, COMAN has the ability to balance itself, even when pushed around. The secret lies in its motorized joints – elastic joints to be exact – which are capable of regulating stiffness.

Inertial sensors are also installed in the pelvis and chest, improving the robot’s balance. That’s not all though. Inside its heart is a dual-core Pentium PC104 CPU that controls the COMAN robot. A battery pack, capable of providing around 150 minutes of power, is also included. But for the researchers, there’s still a long way to go. Apart from the fact that other factors, such as power consumption and intelligence, have to be improved, the COMAN robot has yet to find a head worthy of its balancing talent. Watch the COMAN robot in action below: