PETMAN anthropomorphic robot helps researchers develop suits for chemical warfare

robotsinsider-petmanChemical warfare, which involves using toxic chemical substances as weapons, isn’t entirely new. Together with nuclear and biological warfare, these tactics constitute the military acronym NBC, and is the most feared type of warfare up to date. That is why Boston Dynamics, together with the Department of Defense’s Chemical and Biological Defense program, are building a new robot that can help test the performance of protective clothing for hazardous environments.

The robot is called PETMAN, and it is a anthropomorphic robot with a surreal human-like gait. The robot’s ability is crucial to discovering how soldiers should react in real-life scenarios. PETMAN can balance itself and move freely while walking and bending. Inside the suit of the robot are sensors that can detect chemicals, should there come a time when they get leaked inside the suit. The robot’s skin can also control temperature inside the clothing, which simulates human physiology.


Source: Boston Dynamics