The Power Jacket MK3 Helps to Walk and Running

power jacket mk3


Sagawa Electronics has made a supportive robot that is designed to assist you in walking, running, lifting things, and even driving from inside of its robotic suit. The most recent is a simple looking, but very strong robot that is made of advanced robotic and other mechanical technologies namely Power Jacket MK3. Its frame is forged by fiber (carbon made) and aluminum combination, which results in its lighter weight, only about 25 KG. It is more than seven feet tall and suits for most of human body size. To make it swift in maneuvering, Sagawa has designed it with servo motors most of them are specially designed by the Power jacket development team.

It is capable of helping its client to lift things up. Although the pre designed structural condition allows it to lift more than 14 KG, to keep it safe from other hazard the team has restricted its lifting capability to only about two Kilograms.

The skeleton structure of Power Jacket MK3 is organized in such a way, which gives full motion availability. It can mimic almost every move of its rider. It has an interesting travelling speed. This Suit can run up to eighty kilometer an hour.

The developer team is planning to add more and more necessary features. To enhance the maneuvering capability of a human, Power Jacket MK3 can provide a significant development sign.


Source: Sagawa ElectronicsTeam Skeletonics via Excite (Japanese)