The SWAT-Bot is a robotic ballistic shield, door breacher, and debris remover rolled into one

robotsinsider-swat-robot-2I’ve been following the twin brothers, Mike and Geoff Howe, for a couple of years now. In case you didn’t know, the famous brothers were featured in the reality television series entitled Howe & Howe Tech, where in their creations such as the Ripsaw, touted as the world’s fastest dual-tracked vehicle, and the Badger, known as the world’s smallest assault and armored vehicle, were all featured. Just this week, at the height of the tragic bombing in Boston, Howe & Howe Technologies unveiled their latest creation – a “SWAT robot” that can serve as a robotic ballistic shield, door breacher, and vehicle/debris remover.

Dubbed as the “SWAT Bot,” the robot was designed by the Howe brothers in cooperation with the Massachusetts State Police. It is remote-controlled and is also collapsible for easy transport. Additionally, the SWAT Bot is also outfitted with a 5000lb winch, a Class III receiver, ballistic vision blocks, HD Video Optics, a door entry ram, and more. High-quality components such as A440f steel and aircraft grade aluminum were used to build the robot. Howe & Howe Technologies is selling the SWAT robots at $98,000 a piece.


Source: Officer