Thymio educational robots encourage kids to study robotics

robotsinsider-thymio-1My fascination with robots started when I was still a kid. But it was not until in college when I actually learned how to program one. Robots, as you know, are made up of mechanical and electrical components. But at the heart of it is a code that dictates its function. Kids nowadays couldn’t be more fortunate. Schools are now introducing robotics, like this particular school in Silicon Valley that uses educational robots called Thymio as a catalyst for visual programming language.

Developed by the Lausanne Federal Institute of Technology, these robots are outfitted with a microphone, speakers, an accelerometer, a temperature sensor, proximity sensors, and LEDs. Techy Kids founder Sharon Marzouk is an avid fan of Thymio. She uses the robot to teach kids how to do simple programming. Describing how it works, she says that programming with Thymio is just drag-and-drop. “You click, and it’s a visual programming language. And behind it, you can actually see real code being created, and so you can learn how to modify and edit real code,” she adds.


Source: PC World