Thymio II, an Educational Robot can be Operated by a Remote

Thymio II, 1

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) has brought us many things, for example a little ionic motor for satellites called nano Velcro that can remove water pollutants. While none of their similar types of invention are available for marketing, they introduced us a new educational robot called Thymio II. You can buy it only 100 bucks.

Thymio II isn’t a humanoid robot like similar educational robots. It appears a little like the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner. Some wheels of variable speed usually are designed mainly for it and can scoot all around. It can also be linked to user provide moving components, for instance hands, propellers, winches.

Besides wheels, it has a microphone and also a speaker, an accelerometer of 3axis. It has also total 8 sensors. Among them, 5 proximity sensors, 2 ground sensors, and 1 temperature sensor. Its 39 LEDs permit its body lighting up in different colors.

It may acknowledge encoding with a UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS connection or a storage device slot. Development is established employing by ASEBA terminology of EPFL’s robotics.

It can access to numerous preprogrammed behaviors due to its touch buttons on top surface. It can be remotely handled in real time employing an infrared controller.

Source: Techykids

To watch  video of Thymio II, you can see below.