Tick rover-The Environment Saver Insect Removing Robot

Tick rover 1

Tick rover is usually a blood slurping pest terminator. The 3 teacher regarding VMI made the device with regard to their small business project. It can remove bugs from the yard. It follows a couple of tubes; two tubes are extended across the grass. One of the tubes can emit CO2.Ticks cannot oppose the movement of carbon-dioxide containing tube. A material treated with insecticides also has in the robot. When the insects attach with this cloth they become dead. It can kill 75% to 100% of the insects.

Now a days the most common method of killing insects is chemical spray. This method is harmful to all wildlife and also has a negative impact on the environment. The robot can remove ticks from yard easily, and it has no negative impact on the environment. A rover technique is equally child and EPA-safe. Holly Gaff was taken a run test of it. He found a wonderful result about the efficiency of this robot.

The maker team of this robot has planned to improve its design and planned for improving fastness of it. They are also trying to make it a viable source of profitable insect control business by it. If their next test is succeeded then they will make great fund for it.


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