Toyota’s new Innovation; HSR (Human Support Robot)


To give comfort to senior citizens and disabled, Japanese giant Toyota has designed HSR (Human Support Robot). This new initiative of Toyota is admired by most of the commons. This robot is designed keeping in mind of the elderly and the requirements of disabled people. Mostly, it will help to choose something that is unintentionally dropped on the floor. This cannot hurt anybody as it has a maneuvering speed limit as low as 1.8 km/h. It is light weight only 70lbs. Its specially designed finger can grip and hold things weighted around 2.6lbs. This Human Support Robot can be easily monitored and controlled by its built in GUI via computer. It has a placeholder on its top to hold a tablet. That can be used to communicate with others for further help.

The technical details of this particular HSR are not readily available. But as far as Toyota discloses the machine has an excellent grip capability, harmless movement, slow movement that helps older people to deal with it easily, it also has a self compacting ability that will make it easy to keep in shallow room.

Toyota is planning to put this HSR into some rehabilitation center for testing purpose, and we can expect this amazing helper on the market by one or two years from now.

This video will show something about the robot.