UGV for Automatic Landing of Drone

ugv 1

Unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) is a robot to help UVA drone for landing. For continuous improvement of technology, the larger UAV can stay in the air for a long time. The size and weight of their batteries are strongly constrained the capacity of lifting and durability of smaller UAVs. A team of robotics researchers is able to connecting the UAV with a vehicle (UGV) for the proper landing of UAV. The vision of this project was the self-directed, coordinated docking between the 2 vehicles, and they have achieved it.

The UGV is coupling with a drone and has many useful scenarios, and it is able to carry the actual drone to the military operation site. It also offers a recharge place and it can carry and transport a heavyweight payload to an area. The drone can deliver something by providing a mini-warehouse.

The Waterloo University in Canada, WAVE Lab has developed a coordinated control approach for autonomous docking by using a skid-steer UGV, and an Aeryon Scout UAV. The vehicle can communicate with a controller of decentralized by converging on a pre-determined location. The controllers are able to identify various factors, for example, delay time from Wi-Fi along with radio signals and strong winds.

Source: Robohub

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