Versaball Robotic Gripper- A new Business Product

Robotic Griper

The newest version of the coffee filled robotic gripper is known as the Versaball. It is developed jointly by the Cornell and Chicago University, and this robotic gripper is being developed by spin-off company Empire Robotics. The Versaball gripper works by using the transition of jamming, in which the objects of granular are keeping loose and nearly liquid situation, but as soon as the vacuum-packed is come, it jams together to form a stable condition.

In Versaball gripper, the head of the device holds a granular object which is jam-packed into a rubber ball. When pushed onto the object, this ball has a coffee bean bag similar to the persistence and letting it adjust to the form of that object.  After that, the vacuum is used inner the ball, and then drawing out the atmosphere which producing it to harden all around the object. After that, the Versaball picks the object up (below than 9 kg), then shift the object and finally release the object by releasing the vacuum.

Although, the earliest version is developed for industrial applications, but after obtaining inquiries from different companies, the developer wants to commercialize this technology. Now, Empire is trying to get orders for this device, which should start shipping next month.


Source: Robotic Gripper