WaterColorBot to Create a Revolution for Children’s Art

WaterColorBot 1

WaterColorBot provides colorful photographs on paper. Most of the system of this robot is constructed from fixed ply boards. It will work like different drawing machines which can be on the market, with the exception of the dish water which thoroughly clean the brush between colors.

The whole thing is definitely governed through an EiBotBoard 2.0 USB electric motor controller, which typically links to computer with some special software. By using the included software, users may make their unique colorful drawing by using his computer and can instantly color it. This robotic device is usually programmed to immerse the brush in water, spin it in a watercolor inner compartment to cover and also clean it in a very different water dish. It also can restock the brush with additional paint.

Ever since the painting procedure is definitely automated, and the robot can certainly fill out large regions without treatment or may replicate the same drawing too many times just like a printer.

Most importantly, the device does not need virtually any costly or may be hard-to-find materials to create or set of conventional watercolors. In my opinion, it’s just awesome, and you can use it.


Source: WaterColorBot