Weldger – A Harvest Robot to Change the Field Farming Method

harvesting robot

Harvesting crops for domestic and commercial need is an honorable thing to do. For a few thousand years, harvesting has been done by hard manual labor. However, with the advent of 21’st century technologies, Manual labor is now a history. However, not for all parts of the planet, there are still a handful of farmers using same old primitive manual techniques to get their hard-earned crop to their home. To offer farmers an easy harvesting experience Lely has introduced the new Harvesting Robot.

A big baler is made for steady and stable big agricultural productions. It is a high performing machine with a very satisfying strike rate. It saves power and needs little manual intervention. It is designed with shafts rather than chains for quick and error free operation. A built in E-link bale system ensures quality bale production. The driver can choose a suitable bale size and length.  Most of all a Lely standard equipment quality ensures two-fold durability and its industry standard mechanics ensures a malfunction free and maintenance free service. Its total bale processing system can be controlled and manipulated by a Lely made small control device.

Numerous other protection measures like power feed clutch, protection against overload, a centrally distributed system of grease, immediate lubrication switching and maintenance free bearings make this Agro-robot useable and more dependable than ever. Welger D is surely made for high performance and optimum benefit. Farmers from around the globe can rely on its mechanical gears.

Source : Welger D by Lely