X-47B- Nightmare to its Enemy


Drone is UCAV’s very popular name . Heavily armed and with no risk to lose its pilot, these drones can be pushed to its limit while they are on the job. UCAV’s are not actually robots; a human controller always keeps an eye on it and decides the most of vital decisions from far off place. As because they are potentially safe and easy to handle, these war-hungry monsters have become essential parts of military surveillance and air strike. In spite of widespread criticisms, creating new killing machine. Most recent of them is X-47B. It is a stealth drone with totally accurate and clear strike rates.

X-47B is a carrier oriented unmanned flying vehicle. It has folding wings and corrosion free mechanisms. It has a speed of 685 MPH, and it can reach more than two thousand nautical miles around its base. X-47B is highly functional in high altitude factors as it is cleared to function above forty thousand feet. It is 10.4 feet tall and 38 feet long. When fully fledged its wingspan stands at 62 feet.

Flying in some extreme weather and war conditions X-47B is the latest and safest choice. Engineers still suggesting to take preventive measures and highest cautions while X47B is operating in the stormy sea conditions and in some other unsuitable conditions.


Source: IEEE Spectrum , Military Factory, The Aviationist