Yasuhito Created Hybrid Creatures that Looks like alive


Yasuhito was a service-personal but after losing his job; he tried to make his hobby into his profession. Now he is a robot artist. His fabrication system and imagination had brought him in the front line of robot technology. Keeping mind the Shovelhead’s exhibitions, recently he has created quite a few of robot designs with the combination of robotics and metal structure. Moreover, they look like very much alive.

Incredibly though his creations are not actually a robot. His breathtaking talent and undeniable artistry have made those animal shaped robot designs apparently functional but they are actually not working piece of the robot. They are just the design. He has just designed them to make people wonder how they will work. In real, he is an artist and his intention is not to build a robot rather he always wanted to design them. Although he is not a robot engineer, still his creations get a place in different international fairs.

The price of his all invention is very low. If you purchase them in USD then you must wonder about the cheapest price tags. If you are interested to buy one of his hybrids like robot designs, please feel free to visit his website.

Source: Yasuhito